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The second time…

By Florian Mueck • Jul 2nd, 2012 • Category: Top Story

On July 28 2012, we will rock the beach of Barcelona for the second time. The Festival. One Day, One Europe will be a great European picnic. The Festival. One Day, One Europe will be a great get-together of Europe fans who believe in our common future. The Festival. One Day, One Europe will be a great next milestone on the path to making The Festival. One Week, One Europe come true.

Catalan roots & European hearts - The Festival Barcelona Promo Site

By Florian Mueck • Dec 6th, 2011 • Category: Top News

Barcelona, December 6 2011 // It’s time to move on. Since 2006 we only focused on Berlin as the potential first host city of The Festival. But - nothing in life is more constant than change… Barcelona is a metropolitan city widely loved and admired by people from all over Europe. The weather conditions in June/July are superb for a cultural festival. Football, food, fun - Barcelona speaks for itself.

The first time…

By Florian Mueck • Jul 24th, 2011 • Category: Cuisine Theme, The Project, Top News

Barcelona, July 24 2011 // Do you remember your first time? Do you remember the innocence you felt before? Do you remember the insecurity you sensed not being sure whether you were doing the right thing? You did it anyway. When we did it for the first time on that beach of Barcelona on July 23 2011 we’d had the same feelings. Insecurity, innocence, doubt. But - we did it anyway.


By Florian Mueck • Mar 29th, 2011 • Category: The Project, Top Story

Berlin, March 29 2011 // Three weeks ago, our man for institutional affairs Boris Jarosch delivered the association articles of the “I am European e.V.” to the notary Raible & Dr. Fritzen in Berlin. It means that our NGO vehicle is about to be launched. This important step offers three key benefits…

Kiril Dzajkovski, Official Ambassador for Macedonia

By Florian Mueck • Jan 11th, 2011 • Category: Home Zone Macedonia, Music Theme, Official Ambassadors, Top News

Skopije, January 11 2011 // We are extremely pleased and honored to welcome a new Official Ambassador on this European “train” - and the first Official Ambassador for Macedonia, Kiril Dzajkovski! We believe that artists like Kiril who merge diverse cultural sound experiences into something new, open-minded, are a fantastic musical asset for The Festival…

We need YOU!

By Florian Mueck • Dec 10th, 2010 • Category: The Project, Top Story

Berlin, December 2010 // For our new “moving” landing page at we need YOU! Do you live in Berlin? Do you like to support this project from the very front row? We will cast and film five volunteers - YOU will be our first visual contact for any person interested in this project.

Nicola Tyszkiewicz supports the European movement

By Florian Mueck • Oct 21st, 2010 • Category: European Thinkers, Home Zone Germany, Home Zone Poland, Music Theme, The Festival Embassy, The Interviews, Top News

Hamburg, October 21 2010 // Her grandfather gave the smile back to a nation. She wants to help give Europe a smile. - We are extremely happy about our latest supporter - Nicola Tyszkiewicz. The granddaughter of Heinz Erhardt found us by coincidence. 30 minutes on the phone later Nicola will help promote The Festival and contribute in multiple ways.

Latvian Top DJ turns European tables

By Florian Mueck • Sep 7th, 2010 • Category: Home Zone Latvia, Music Theme, The Festival Embassy, Top News

Riga, September 7 2010 // Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Israel, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and of course Latvia, his home country. Andre Crash, a.k.a. DJ Crash, is the master of many European turntables. Now he is integral part of this movement and we are more than happy about it!

The Festival - how we turned a vision into a project

By Florian Mueck • Aug 5th, 2010 • Category: The Project

Albert Einstein said, “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
The idea to bring millions of Europeans together in one place - The Festival - where they can live, experience and enjoy Europe together - you might call it absurd.
But after almost four years of spinning the European [...]

Athens-based Thinksters join the European movement

By Florian Mueck • Aug 3rd, 2010 • Category: European Thinkers, Home Zone Greece, The Festival Embassy, Top News

Athens, August 3 2010 // Based in Athens, thinksters is the first youth think tank in Greece focused on everyday leadership. Young leaders in politics, art and science have found their place to speak up, display their work and realize their ideas. Founder Konstantinos Kyranakis acknowledges that inspiring people about Europe is a powerful idea and promises to support The Festival by any means.

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