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A good European…

By Florian Mueck • Jul 27th, 2009 • Category: My Europe

Hajo Schumacher is one of Germany’s top journalists, without a doubt. And the former chief editor of the German edition of the lifestyle magazine Max loves to unleash what’s on his mind - hardly ever using any form of euphemism.

When I asked him about who might be a good media partner for The Festival, he answered instantly:

“Media, banking, automotive; the three sectors hit hardest by the actual crisis. Forget about classical media partners. They don’t want to do more right now - and this would exactly be the case, if they partner with you. They want to do less, because they have less people available to do the same job after the inevitable lay-offs. What you guys should do instead is offer them content for free and receive editorial space in exchange.”

What a great idea! But then again… What should we produce? And how?

Some comedy-style short films would be cool. A series of funny European vids featuring real actors or animated cartoon stuff. Those we could post at a series of important media sites throughout Europe. We should play around with clich├ęs because this is what people laugh about most. Kraut eating Germans vs. tea drinking Brits. Fantastic!

Then I remembered that a good friend of mine and good European, Christoph Reisner, actually deals with the production of animated content. He is co-owner of Cyoshi Crucial, a company which produces animation programs designed to address a young prime time audience.

One of their major productions is actually pretty close to what we are looking for… Team Deutschland makes fun of current political and social incidents in a satirical way.

Team Europe?

I guess we would have to slightly modify the name. Otherwise our friends from Team Europe Ventures wouldn’t be too amused. The core idea though to produce such content sounds exciting. Just imagine a modern European version of Monty Pythons! Wouldn’t that be a great European-wide communication tool to promote The Festival?

And our good European Christoph?

Just like European Thinker Timo, Christoph decided to move to Barcelona where he hunts for new online adventures like Kreditkarten Vergleich or Forex Trading. If you come to Barcelona one day, make sure you give him a call. He’s really a fun person to hang around with.

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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