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European Journalist Krystian Woznicki

By thomas peters • Feb 20th, 2009 • Category: European Journalists, Home Zone Poland, Top News

Krystian Woznicki was born in 1972 in Glatz, Poland. He currently lives in Berlin, where he works as a critic and publicist in the field of cultural globalization. From 1995 and 1998 he was Tokyo correspondent for Spex magazine and columnist at the Japan Times. In 1999 he founded the digital magazine Berliner Gazette, and remains its editor-in-chief. Krystian Woznicki is (co-)editor of a reader series, including Sneakers (2002), Peace (2003), Genoa (2004), Swiss (2004) and McDeutsch (2007). He has also curated symposia, exhibitions, and film programmes, including “Young Japanese Cinema” at the Antwerp Film Museum. He is author of the books “Abschalten. Paradiesproduktion, Massentourismus, Globalisierung” (2008) and “Wer hat Angst vor
Gemeinschaft? Ein Dialog mit Jean-Luc Nancy” (2009).

Krystian about The Festival

“With the Berliner Gazette we occupy a high level niche dedicated to connecting people from the fields of arts, science, politics and economy. When these people from the most important areas of social innovation come together at the Berliner Gazette to discuss relevant issues such as time, language, community and water - it is in this moment that a new culture emerges, a culture, that develops the potential for transformation and change. This is the reason why I immediately sensed a connection to The Festival when I first heard about it: So far, there hasn’t been any comparable people-driven initiative to deal with Europe. My vision of Europe in 2020 is a place that is radically open: politically, culturally as well as historically - towards its past, present and future.”

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thomas peters is is co-founder of The Festival and in charge of Operations. Thomas is also Managing Partner of Multitask Eventmarketing GmbH Berlin where he gained great experience in live communications over the last 13 years.
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