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Barcelona, what a beautiful horizon…

By Boris Jarosch • Aug 2nd, 2011 • Category: European Journalists, The Project, Top News

She partly lives on a boat in the Old Harbor of Barcelona. She loves public relations. She is Swedish. She is a fan of the European idea. She is a fan of The Festival.

Natalia Kim, founder and manager of Promopress based in Barcelona has been interested in cooperating with us for a long time. With The Festival project on local Catalan TV, with the first One Day, One Europe event realized in Barcelona her moment has arrived.

Natalia explains to us why she is convinced that Barcelona would or will be a fantastic host city for the first edition of The Festival. One Week, One Europe.


The Festival // Natalia, you are Swedish and you live in Barcelona. How does it feel to be European?

Natalia Kim // I believe the concept “European” is finally becoming a reality, you feel you “belong” to a continent, not only to a country. I think the idea of “European” and the beginning of “globalization” started a long time ago… like when we first beat the borders using our “Interrail” passes. Sleeping on trains by night and discovering new countries, cities and, above all, new and interesting people, every day.

The Festival // No wonder you love The Festival project… Apart from its beautiful horizon - why do you think Barcelona would be a great host city?

Natalia Kim // Barcelona is so easy to reach, by air, road or sea; and once here there is such a vast choice of ways to find a place to stay. From hotels “Grand Luxe” to cozy youth hostels; in the heart of the city or in any neighbour city or village. And it’s a metropolis with almost any cultural option you can dream of, for any taste, age and wallet. All within reach… and all frequented by a lot of people from all corners of Europe and the rest of the world. People of all kinds come here for business, for fun, looking for an opportunity.

The Festival // The majority of Catalan people are pro-European. I guess this helps…

Natalia Kim // Most Catalans have since “forever” felt a belonging to the rest of Europe, among other reasons because it’s so close to France - which is also partly Catalan - and they are very proud for being and to be considered a very openminded society.

The Festival //After our appearances on Singulars, a Catalan interview show on TV, and APM, plus our first European picnic- what are the next steps to approach the City of Barcelona with this project?

Natalia Kim // Apart from using viral marketing spreading the message, I believe it should be fairly easy to make this project interesting for opinion leaders and media; communication campaigns in Catalan, not only to the press but to the citizens; and collaborations with local groups that are active, both the ones that promote the city and multicultural ones.

The Festival // Thank you so much, Natalia. We’ll see how you can help pushing public relations in the city with that beautiful horizon…

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