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Making of the I am European video clip Part 2

By Florian Mueck • Nov 12th, 2009 • Category: The Project, Top News

September 23 2009 was a big day for The Festival team: we were having our video shoot for the I AM EUROPEAN video clip.

Bart Navarra and his team from Navarra Design had already worked on the animated parts, but we needed people in the video. A European people-to-people initiative without people? No way!

The European Commission guys in Berlin were so friendly - they let us use the entrance area of the European House, Unter den Linden 78. - At 9:34 am we arrived and took over… We must’ve been the first guys to ever film in that building, because everyone looked at us quite strangely…

The idea was to invite random people passing by and convince them to participate in the video. They were supposed to perform the hookline spontaneously reading the text posted on the wall next to the camera. To be honest, we had no clue whether we would find any volunteer.

Of course, the location was a great accomplice - right between Brandenburg Gate and Madame Toussaud, a European tourists’ pipeline!

Supported by two great volunteers, Trent and Ralph, we were positioning ourselves outside the building - only equipped with a big smile, our rhetoric and a specially produced flyer.

At 10 am in the morning we began, and when a Swedish school class was populating the European House only moments later, we knew this was going to be great fun!

More impressions on!

Special thanks to all those great volunteers who participated in the shoot: Julius, Teresa, Tara, Inmaculada, Marcin, Joannis, Pilar, Filipe, Stephanie, Wolfgang, Thomas, Andreas, Herbert, Margarethe, Burghard, Katharina, Birgitt, Michele, Rose, Ralf, Jakob, Anton, Jonathan, Max, Florian, Dario, Ana Carolina, Silvia, Patricia, Sarah, Cristina, Anna, Chantal, Mario, Rosemarie, Elsbeth, Franziska, Verena, Marco, Felix, Alexander, Natascha,Lara, Agata, Pia, Gözde, Benjamin, Elie, Riet, Femy, Julia, Laura, Julian, Johanna, Loredana, Denise, Ikram, Maria, Anja, Mercedes, Sara, Glenn, Daniel, Kerstin, Kristoffer, Fabio, Anika, Lisa, Youssef, Jennifer, Lina, José, Paz, Karl-Erik, Falko, Annemarie, Juan, Elena, Leonie, Anna-Lena, Aqeel, Cara, Ka-Lai, Max-Christian, Maria, Antoneta, Lemuel, Rastko, Bianca, Eduardo, Emma, Ebony, Maayon, Karen, Inbar, Ella, Patrick, Jana, Petra Hardik, Thomas, Chris, James, Catherine, Sarah, Beyza, Ed, Rebekah, Jana, Saskia, Francisco, Noroc, Irina, and everyone else not mentioned here.

Also special thanks to MAXHENKELL EUROPE for your support!

All you guys are fantastic! And only because of YOU we were able to create this…

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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