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The most important thing is to make it happen

By Florian Mueck • Mar 23rd, 2010 • Category: European Thinkers, Home Zone Norway, The Project, Top News

Eddie Mendes is the prototype of a modern European: Brazilian by birth he carries a Norwegian passport, studied in Madrid, Paris and London, lives in Oslo and Champagne and works literally everywhere around the continent.

Eddie got to know about The Festival by coincidence when he was surfing through XING. Ever since he has been brainstorming, helping with ideas, putting ideas into action, contacting brands, talking to potential Official Ambassadors like Thomas Holm from Denmark or Florence + The Machine. Knowing Eddie is like knowing the world…

About his passion for The Festival Eddie states that,

“The Festival will be a great event. I am very happy to be part of it and help make it happen, even if it took three days of my holidays and effort to finally meet the guys behind :) The most important thing IS to make it happen - whether it’s inside of a small garage or on the big platform of Tempelhof Airport. People in my surrounding are very excited about The Festival. I am convinced that many, many people from Europe will share the same excitement. I have always lived in an international environment, but only few of us have this privilege. The Festival invites everyone - independent from status, beliefs or origin. This is what Europe needs, it is just fantastic!”

Eddie has worked in public relations, journalism, media and marketing for the past 16 years. He has been self-employed since 2008, but has continual close links with European advertising and Asian designer agencies. He is currently a marketing consultant and member of the management team of Haus of M. He has worked with basically all types of customers – from pharmaceutical companies to the fashion and sports industries – in France, Belgium, Spain, UK and as co-ordinator in international PR activities. As a consultant he has experience in strategic sparring with business trends all over Europe and Asia, farming new ideas and designers - and also launching new brands. Eddie has worked for international corporations such as NIVEA, ESTEE LAUDER, MANGO, CUSTO-BARCELONA, DESIGUAL, MOMA-IKEA, FREIXENET, ABSOLUT, FOUNDATION CARTIER, GROUPE ACCORD, BO-CONCEPT, HERMES, WOOLMARK.

We would like to send out very special thanks to Eddie and all the other great supporters. Awesome to have you on board!

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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