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Athens-based Thinksters join the European movement

By Florian Mueck • Aug 3rd, 2010 • Category: European Thinkers, Home Zone Greece, The Festival Embassy, Top News

Athens, August 3 2010 // Based in Athens, thinksters is the first youth think tank in Greece focused on everyday leadership. Young leaders in politics, art and science have found their place to speak up, display their work and realize their ideas. Founder Konstantinos Kyranakis acknowledges that inspiring people about Europe is a powerful idea and promises to support The Festival by any means.

I am European // The Festival Song

By Florian Mueck • May 11th, 2009 • Category: European Journalists, Music Theme, My Europe, The Festival Embassy, The Festival Quick Facts, The Project, Top Story

More than any regulation, norm, treaty, or even a common currency could ever accomplish, music has always touched the hearts of people. We needed a song, a hymn for our pro-European movement. There has never been an uplifting, authentic, pro-European song out there which could hit the dance floors across the continent. We needed a producer…

Every movement needs its shirt!

By Florian Mueck • Jan 31st, 2009 • Category: My Europe, The Festival Embassy, The Festival Quick Facts, Top Story

“I am European” is the movement slogan of The Festival. Based on this slogan we wanted to create a design which can serve as an umbrella for everyone who feels European, but which also implies the national background of the person who wears it. For all 34 Home Zones, for people from Austria to people from the UK.

Excuse me, Mr/s Marketer, do you have a minute?

By Florian Mueck • Dec 17th, 2008 • Category: The Festival Themes, The Project

Socrates, Copernicus, or Shakespeare - that is the question…

Thank you for your interest in The Festival, a European movement which started to move in October 2006.
After an intense evaluation process which helped pave the way to bringing the first European get-together on a people-to-people level to life, we are very pleased to present to you [...]

Spreadshirt spreads The Festival shirts

By Florian Mueck • Dec 16th, 2008 • Category: The Project, Top News

The Leipzig based online company with global reach will be the preferred provider of The Festival Wear circling around our movement slogan; I am European.

“I am European!”

By Florian Mueck • Aug 29th, 2008 • Category: The Project

When a Brazilian client of my friend Kai once asked him where he was from and Kai responded, “I am European!”, the guy from Brazil started to laugh like crazy. He acknowledged that this was the first time ever someone from Europe had told him that.
Those fellows over there on the right might come from [...]

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