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Become a Movement Partner today

  • Movement Partners of The Festival are companies, institutions and individuals who support the European movement through donations in the €-amount of the number of Facebook fans at the date of agreement (Example: August 29 2010: 1,630 Facebook fans = 1,630€ donation)
  • In a video clip* (< 1 min) you may present your company and your people and why you support the European idea
  • 100% Social Media - We promote your clip through our Movement Map ( & Facebook App), our The Festival YouTube Channel and all important social media (Facebook, Twitter and others)
  • With your video clip you as a local brand engage your local customers to discover the European idea together with other brands and people – You become an integral part of this movement!


View The Festival Movement Map in a larger map


Better today

The Festival is a long-term European-wide people oriented project. This Movement Partner concept perfectly reflects this approach.

We would like to reward those companies and brands who join this movement at an earlier stage. In order to achieve this in a fair and transparent way, we link the € amount of donation with the respective number of Facebook followers of The Festival. The earlier you join, the more upside potential you gain.

Join the movement - better today!


5 benefits of becoming a Movement Partner

Benefit 1: Act Local, think European

Your brand communicates in local markets with local target groups. You might think, “Why Europe?” – Good point, BUT this European movement is nurtured by local cultures, local styles, local people. With The Festival you do both: You think European AND you attract local target groups with local social media impact!

Benefit 2: Donate for a great cause

You donate for many causes. But has it ever occured to you to support the European integration process? The Festival offers this unique opportunity! You donate for a great cause with local media impact – guaranteed!

Benefit 3: 100% Social Media

The Festival movement has two dimensions: 1) the event every two years 2) the ongoing online presence on, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – Movement Partners are presented as donators exclusively through social media – very modern, very effective!

Benefit 4: Upscale potential for free

Once you joined this project as a Movement Partner, you benefit from every single Fan of The Festival who joins The Festival Facebook page afterwards. Join the movement – better today!

Benefit 5: A great story to tell

The Festival journey started in October 2006. It is a European initiative which (almost) everybody loves when s/he hears about it. The Festival is just a great story to tell – to your clients, your employees, your boss, your friends, your family…


*Your Video Clip?

Bart Navarra and his team from Navarra Design produced our movement song video “I am European“.  Bart is an authentic European himself. He is from Poland, carries a Spanish last name and lives and works in Berlin. Bart and his team believe in this project and have been great supporters for the last two years.

Navarra Design can help you produce your personal Movement Trailer - anywhere in Europe!

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