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quick facts // funding

By Florian Mueck • Jul 16th, 2008 • Category: The Festival Quick Facts

From the first moment on one thing was clear: small is not an option. If you want to reach out the hand to Europeans all across the continent, the event must capture media attention. To capture media attention, the event must be big.

A second awareness soon became tangible. We build a “Trojan Horse”, a ready to go project, dependent on external funding. Public funding seems not an option, given that public institutions are obliged to do public tenders. We would turn in our project to Brussels, and a third party might win the tender.

The solution: a 100% privately funded project with marketing and media impact throughout Europe.

The core of our business model are the six pan-European competitions in cooperation with international consumer brands. For a period of approximately one year, The Festival becomes an integral part of their communication. The contribution of those six competition hosts will be the necessary monetary base to make this project happen.

Four perspectives focusing on the event itself will be hosted by corporate and/or institutional partners.

The third major infrastructural element of the event are the Home Zones. Up to 34 countries are invited to participate and contribute to the project.

Ticketing is the fourth major revenue driver necessary to provide a highly attractive program featuring European top acts and top speakers. Waste disposal and security are two cost positions which will be mostly covered by ticketing as well.

The Festival revenue model:

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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