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What can we say… ”We are Europeans!” That was reason enough to kick off the planning of the first people to people celebration for all Europeans. Based in Berlin and Barcelona, we come from diverse backgrounds: Advertising, Event marketing, Project Management, Political Sciences and Consulting.

Florian Mück
European & PR

“Since my Erasmus days in Barcelona I dreamed of moving this unique spirit of European togetherness to a broader level. Finally, on October 5 2006 I came up with the idea to launch the first people to people celebration for all Europeans. What sounds banal turned out to be a complex, multi-faceted and multi-cultural super challenge. Bringing together international brands, a multitude of cultures, the City of Barcelona and – above all – You, is a thrilling task, every day.”

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Konstanze Agatz
European & Project Management

“Part of my studies were semesters abroad in four European countries: France, Spain, England and Germany. Many projects I worked on base on Europe-wide activities or take place in other European countries. That’s why I’ve always been a great supporter of pro-European initiatives. When I heard about The Festival, I asked Thomas, if this was a serious thing. No answer, just a confirming nod. I started right away to work on it.”

Boris Jarosch
European & Institutions

”The Festival is a non-political initiative. Interesting for me who is involved in politics every day. My job is to promote the project among political institutions, the national administration bodies, city councils, etc. So far, I can say it has been a very positive experience. Our approach to launch a private European initiative goes hand in hand with the promotion of the EU’s program Active European Citizenship.”

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