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// mission & vision

Since the signing of the Roman treaties on March 25th, 1957, the European integration process has mainly been driven by political initiatives. The dissolution of economical barriers, mobility without borders, one common currency, empowerment of central governmental European institutions; all these accomplishments have played an important role within the European integration process.

Yet, these top-down initiatives have mainly focused on the integration of countries, while the integration of us, the people of Europe, continues to be rarely existent. Andreu Mateu¬†from Barcelona points out: “We have the currency. We have the mobility. We have the laws. But where is the feeling?”

Yes, indeed. Where is that European feeling? Where is a European identity?

The Festival is the platform where everyone who feels European can live, experience and enjoy Europe together.

The vision behind: Europe grows together through its people.

To get a more concrete idea of our mission and vision, please watch the following TEDx talk (subtitles via CC)…

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