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From Feroleto Antico to Europe

By Florian Mueck • Feb 22nd, 2010 • Category: Home Zone Italy, The Festival Embassy, Top News

Yes, Savina Tarsitano has an advantage: she IS an artist from Italy. And yes, Savina DOES like to buy shoes!

Sometimes your origin doesn’t help you too much. Our latest family member Savina Tarsitano can sing a song about it. The art world is a tough place to survive and full of interpersonal challenges. But let’s face it: Italians ARE popular. They are popular because they enjoy life and they live it. Italians are fun people to hang around with. Savina is a fun person to hang around with.

Savina Tarsitano’s life changed when she fell off the stairs in her apartment in Brussels. Until then she followed the career path of becoming a PR warrior. 5 metres later and almost having passed the river Styx she took the decision to realize her dream and become an artist.

Photography and painting - these are Savina’s passion points since the year 2004. Greenland, Martinique, Suomenlinna, Bogliasco, Ambrony, Coswig, Bereguardo, Frioul Islands, … If you want to integrate nature, people and heritage in your art projects, you have to go to places off the beaten track. Diverse foundations and other programmes support Savina’s artistic adventures.

Savina heard about The Festival through a friend. A passionate European citizen herself right away she fell in love with it.

Savina about The Festival

“I like the idea to bring people from different cultures together in one place where they can share diversest opinions in an easy way. As an artist I love it when an idea is defended with passion. The people behind this project are passionate about it. It’s also unique to translate the abstract concept of Europe into some concrete people-to-people action. And then it is the first time that common people are invited to express their opinion about Europe and what they feel about Europe. I believe this is an initiative that everyone who feels European should support. I do.”

From Feroleto Antico

Feroleto Antico is located in Calabria in the South of Italy. A pictoresque village on a mountain, Brussels is far far away. The people there do not really feel connected with the European idea. It will take people like Savina to carry the message to their deserted villages. And she is passionate about it. She is an artist from Italy - and proud of it!

Contact Savina

s_tarsitano [at]

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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