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Upcoming British musician Clement Marfo joins The Festival Family

By Florian Mueck • Feb 25th, 2009 • Category: Home Zone UK, The Festival Embassy, Top News

Charismatic, self-determined, calculated and committed Clement Marfo is quickly proving to be one of the hottest new talents to hit the British scene. Clement has been established to be experimental with his unique style, permitting him to have an unconventional means of deliverance.

Born and raised in South London, England to Ghanaian parents, Clement has blossomed into a passionate recording artist with engaging lyrics, illustrating conscious song writing skills that reflect a mature outlook on reality.

Clement makes choices of creativeness and innovative actions, encouraging him to be confident in his own original style. Dedicated in voicing his opinion on issues, further more he has become a voice for many adolescents who experience or share the same views on various matters. ‘Aspire not to have more but to be more’, these wise words by Archbishop Romero were of great inspiration to Clement and his aim in life to be more, through endurance and fortitude.

“I’m trying to fulfil my aspirations and dreams, trying to live positive, and making sure my records are clean.”

His artistic rhymes on past, present and future subjects are both inspirational and creative. With both US and UK influences, ranging from Slick Rick, Wyclef Jean, Tina Turner, Jay Z, Daft Punk and Method Man to home grown talent such as Annie Lennox, Phil Collins, Craig David, Ms’ Dynamite, Ashley Walters and Dizzee Rascal. These influences can be noted in his performing qualities and unique erratic style approach. Clement’s specialties lie in his song writing skills, seemingly due to his prominent creativity.

Clement, as an unsigned recording artist, values various genres of music. From Hip Hop to Indie, Electro to Rock to Soul. These genres encourage him to broaden his lyrical context allowing him to reach a wide audience.

Clement Marfo is currently working alongside experimental producer, James Toone (2ne), composer of Clement Marfo’s first project ‘Fresh Starts’. The close relationship has led both on building commercial material which has influenced the vision on working closely with a live band to bring depth to live performances.

“Performing is certainly my quality. I have established that your audience appreciate a performance, when they observe a sense of a good personality from the performer.”

At present, Clement Marfo is working closely with a seven piece band ‘The Frontline’ in which this collaboration has significantly added a whole new dimension to his music. Together Clement Marfo & The Frontline exhibit a fusion of musical styles, with the fundamental style of Hip Hop, being incorporated with supporting styles of Rock, Indie, Soul, and Funk. This unique blend of upbeat, colorful music has created a refreshing mix that appeals to the European and international market.

By spending quality time to intensely research on the music industry; network and gather useful contacts, studying the business of music activities, as well as analysing media marketing strategies and lastly establishing his audience and their tastes, this has led to building a strong foundation and preparation for the mainstream world.

With confidence, Clement has grown to believe he is positively prepared to take on the obstacles that he will face. From the years of maturity, Clement is now prepared to tear up all the rulebooks and set the music world alight with his raw talent that he is anxiously willing to display.

The characteristically sharp freedom of speech that Clement always displays will certainly construct upon one of the hottest talents of the flourishing scene of creative, fresh music Home Zone UK has to offer.

Clement Marfo is evidently a young man on a mission.

Source: Clement Marfo Management

The Frontline are: Dion Payne, Stacey Mansell, Daniel Turnball, Richard Sinclair, Jonny Douch, Chloé Finducia and Kojo Vihram.

Clement Marfo & The Frontline live at the Carling Academy…

We will see Clement in Berlin in 2012. By then, our new Family member, for sure, will have immensely broadened his fan base of actual 3,000 who follow him all the way through the UK to see Clement perform live…

For more information about Clement Marfo please check out his websites at, and

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