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Pavel Mitkov, Official Ambassador of The Festival

By Florian Mueck • Mar 12th, 2009 • Category: Art Theme, Home Zone Bulgaria, Official Ambassadors, Top News

Born in Sofia, in 1977, Pavel Mitkov is self-taught in every artistic aspect. He gained experience in the fields of oil-painting in 1994. Since then his popularity among art connoisseurs has escalated to the point where he is represented with enormous success at many major exhibitions in Europe, United States, and Japan.

His paintings have been acquired by dozens of major corporate and private collectors worldwide. “My paintings are in the Vatican, the White House and the Kremlin… actually it doesn’t matter where one piece of art goes, what really matters - it must be enjoyed and affect anyone who sees it or, above all, feels it.” says the artist.

The works of Pavel Mitkov are expressive, energetic, graceful, dynamic and very positive. His primary works are oil canvases that feature Pavel’s rich and vibrant colors and his peaceful and inspiring themes. His major subjects are cityscapes, seascapes, landscapes, flowers, gardens, villages, churches, bridges and abstract art. His art inspires people to focus on the real, the authentic, and the meaningful.

The works of Pavel Mitkov reflect his passion for painting. The artist confesses that his great motivation and satisfaction in his work comes from the opportunity to give people what they love and understand best: the beauty of their homeland and city, the magic in a house, a street, which they pass by every day but often do not see.

Our Official Ambassador of Home Zone Bulgaria runs galleries in Sofia, Moscow, Karlovivary and Berlin. // //

Pavel about The Festival

“Only recently, I have opened my new gallery in Berlin, for me the city of the hour from an artist’s point of view. Walking through the streets you can almost breathe the clash of cultures and lifestyles in this heterogeneous melting-pot of styles, ideas, and visions. Berlin will be a fantastic host town for The Festival; an initiative which I believe can blow more life into this flat balloon Europe and let it rise. The Festival reaches out to the hearts of people, not their tax declaration. As an artist I very much identify with this concept. I also try and touch the soul of the observer. I’m happy to play my petite part in making this movement grow…”

Clips about Pavel

A selection of paintings

“Life is a Play.

You should be able to play it,

You should be able to win and lose.

Destiny lays the cards but you choose

which one to play with. You may play

fair, you may cheat. The choice is yours.

The power of art is to know, to be able,

to want to make your choice.

To be a part of the play…”

Pavel Mitkov

More paintings…


Gallery Mitkov
NĂĽrnbergerstr. 49
10789 Berlin

Open hours // Mo-Fr: 11-19 and Sa: 11-18

phone // +49 30 754 426 13
web //
mail //

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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