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The Euromeal - healthy and yummy food made in Europe

By Konstanze Agatz • Nov 4th, 2009 • Category: Cuisine Theme, The Interviews, Top News

Black peas from Cyprus with Spanish Serrano ham on white asparagus from Germany, topped with Parmesan cheese from Italy, accompanied by Danish Smørrebrød - a euromeal!

Euromeals, many euromeals, thousands of euromeals - they will be the outcome of The Festival Cuisine Competition. Nothing connects people more than music, drinks and food! At least that is what one of Germany’s most renowned nutrition experts says.

Sven-David Müller loves the music of Erich Wolfgang Korngold. And he loves food - Gyros in particular. His second passion must have been the key driver behind Sven’s path of becoming a nutrition expert.

To date, he has written more than 100 books about his topic of choice with a total circulation of more than 2.5 million. His works have been translated into Dutch, French, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Polish, and others.

When we told him about the European Lifestyle Award Cuisine, he did not only listen, he wanted to hear it all, and he wanted to write a book on it…

The Festival // Sven-David, food is your passion. Is being a nutrition expert more a limitation or a blessing is this sense?

SDM // It’s a challenge. Personally, it doesn’t restrict me to know a lot about food, nutrition and dietetics. In restaurants or in the kitchen I often ignore it. To me food means more than just the provision of energy and vitamins. It is a pleasant process in a - hopefully - pleasant atmosphere.

The Festival // Appenzeller, Aubergine, Beef, Beetroot, Blaa, Black peas, Brown bread, Cabbage, Carp, Cauliflower, Caviar, Cinnamon, Corn, Crawfish, Crispbread, Curry, Dill, Edamer, Feta, Foie-gras, Garlic, Gauda, Grapevine snails, Gyros, Herring, Hummus, Irish stew, Kefir, Leaf salad, Liptauer, Liver pie, Marjoram, Monkfish, Moose, Mousaka, Mozarella, Mushrooms, Onion, Onion bread, Oregano, Paprika, Parsley, Peas, Pepper, Polenta, Pork, Potatoe, Reindeer, Rice, Saffron, Shrimp, Sirene, Smoked eel, Smoked salmon, Smørrebrød, Swede, Tartar sauce, Trout, Truffles, White bread, Yogourt, Yufka, … - European ingredients are of an amazingly rich variety. Isn’t it time to mix them and create Euromeals?

SDM // Not only are there many typically European ingredients, but many of them are beneficial to our health. The European health cuisine could replace the Mediterrannean cuisine with respect to its health values. The kitchen, the fields and the stables of Europe are healthy.

The Festival // People love to have some guidance. That is why we right away fell in love with the idea to publish a book which explains the food competition to participants across the continent. What will the content be like?

SDM // Those who write about food also have to talk about flavor and enjoyment. But we cannot forget about the direct impact of food and drinks on health and disease. More than 50% of precipitate death cases in Germany are directly or indirectly related to inaccurate nutrition. The number of overweight people is increasing dramatically. You can only beat that by leading a healthy life - and food is definitely a major part of it! Instead of committing suicide with knife and fork, the healthy euromeal should bring more health to the plates. For this purpose we need more fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, sea fish, veggie juice, nuts and seeds, high quality oil, low-fat milk products, mushrooms, water, mineral water, legumes, and also meat from animals kept appropriate to the species. Eggs, too, are an important part of a health stimulating nutrition. Eggs were said to increase the cholesterol level and to broaden the risk of heart attack. Fortunately, this nutrition fairytale has been unmasked!

The Festival // That is awesome! You say music and food connect people. What role will European food play in this movement in your opinion?

SDM // Flavor doesn’t know borders. With cooking we cannot expect and language barriers. The preparation of dishes doesn’t stop at frontiers - it is multinational by definition. In fact, we can learn a lot from each other. Healthy food is a topic of interest to all Europeans - but also the incomparable flavors and the many new ingredients every participant of the cuisine competition can discover. The shared motto is to prepare healthy and yummy food. Cooking and eating turn into means of communication just like the sound of music…

The Festival // Exactly! By the way, what our readers might be interested in… How do you approach the writing of a new book. What is the procedire like?

SDM // I follow a standard procedure. Since 1996 I’ve been publishing books, and since I was a student i have worked in journalism - at school for example I was en editor. First comes the idea. Then the concept and finally the text. “The Euromeal” will consist of a more theoretic part and a second one based on exemplary recipes created by some of Europe’s most renowned chefs. The recipes will combine health aspects with culturally diverse flavors. Reading, experimenting, participating must be fun! I want to lead people to a healthy European cuisine and illustrate it for the first time. What is European cusine? European cuisine is healthy, if we bring together the healthiest ingredients from the different countries. Its diversity is made up of health, flavor, scents - I can literally taste it, smell it, feel it.

The Festival // Sven-David, thank you for this great interview! We are all looking forward to your first authentic European publication in September 2010… The Euromeal

More information about Sven-David Müller

Sven-David currently drives the communication of, the German health portal

Visit Sven-David’s online bookstore

How to contact Sven-David

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