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Excuse me, Mr/s Marketer, do you have a minute?

By Florian Mueck • Dec 17th, 2008 • Category: The Festival Themes, The Project

Socrates, Copernicus, or Shakespeare - that is the question…

Thank you for your interest in The Festival, a European movement which started to move in October 2006.

After an intense evaluation process which helped pave the way to bringing the first European get-together on a people-to-people level to life, we are very pleased to present to you our basic sponsorship guidelines.

What is so unique about The Festival?

The Festival. One Week, One Europe (The Festival) is far more than a classical sports or cultural event. It is a bold manifestation of European lifestyles thanks to its six core themes Art, Cuisine, Fashion, Film, Music and Sports.

In the spotlight of this first European people-to people celebration are important issues such as diversity, understanding and generosity. Stars, politicians, diplomats, and – above all – Europeans already support The Festival.

It is a unique opportunity for partnering companies to gain sponsorship exposure from a truly value-based communication platform.

What is in for your brand?

The Festival can meet several needs of partnering companies:

1) Building Social Responsibility Capital

The Festival is an important identity project for the City of Berlin. Berlin is keen on telling positive stories about the city and its citizens. This project supports the vision of Berlin as a tolerant and inclusive city encouraging diversity regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or sexuality. Companies affiliated with The Festival express the same modern and open-minded spirit as the City of Berlin and its inhabitants do. Be different and build Social Responsibility Capital with The Festival – Berlin, Germany, and European-wide!

2) Employer Branding

It is all about finding the right person for the right position! Creating an image of pro diversity and integration an engagement with The Festival shows in a tangible way the policy of an equal opportunity employer. It supports an inclusive corporate HR vision and, thus, attracts the interest of all groups of well qualified employees. Furthermore, it can help break down internal barriers and demonstrate a truly cosmopolitan image.

3) Sales

The spending power of Europeans is only a part of the picture. The Festival will be a “window” to the world and can be used as a marketing and sales platform. The Festival visitors and people interested in this project are more part of a cross-border movement rather than a classical segment. Several studies point out that Europeans are extremely loyal to the brands and companies that embrace their causes and take their values seriously. The Festival fans will take your brand seriously.

4) European Incubator

Partnering companies of The Festival can use the platform (event / / to launch new business initiatives. The long-term and recurring organisation of The Festival builds competent knowledge capital about European consumer bevavior, which will be shared with the partnering company before, during and after the event.

What do I get in return?

The Festival sponsorship programme is built upon 3 major pillars:

1) Branding and visibility

Branding in The Festival campaigns in Germany and internationally. Among others, it includes outdoor, print, TV, web and mobile platforms, and visibility at the event.

2) Marketing rights

Use of The Festival, One Week, One Europe logo and identity. Integration in company sales and marketing programmes, Sales/sampling at event (streets, venues, squares etc.), promo-spots at events, own company section on event website, event photos and text on company website, integration in company CSR programme, formulation of HR diversity policy, employer participation programme, evaluation report and other related marketing activities.

3) Hospitality

VIP and ordinary tickets for the opening/closing ceremony, tickets for high profile cultural events, tickets for the gala dinner, company related hospitaliy camps at the event (art, cuisine, fashion, film, music, or sports).

Here you find more information about the three sponsorship packages of The Festival:

For more information about The Festival Partner Programme please contact us at

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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