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Cookie: Berlin style & fashion labels

By Florian Mueck • Jun 10th, 2009 • Category: Fashion Theme, Home Zone Germany, The Interviews, Top News

Among many things, Berlin is famous for its vibrant night life. It’s not posh, it’s not alternative, it’s Berlin. One of the influencers of Berlin style and doers behind the scenes is Cookie. Since 1994 his Cookies club has been rocking the capital in various locations. But the concept has always been the same; trashy, stylish and hard to get in. Cookie will support The Festival on a local level with his excellent network of contacts in the media and entertainment business.

About Cookie

Cookie was born in London, he has a British passport, was raised in Germany and feels European. In 1992, shortly after the wall had come down, he moved to Berlin where he started his gastronomic career as a dishwasher and barkeeper. Without any concrete plan in mind he was yet another tessera in this massive urban mosaic. Till one day when a simple idea was about to change his life: In the empty basement of his former apartment building in the August street he launched the “Tuesday’s Bar”. That was in 1994. Cookie invited his friends, served Watermelonman and played the only three CDs he owned. The hobby turned into a professional club, the Cookies. The club was followed by a bar (Greenwich), the bar was followed by a coffee house (Bravo), and the coffee house was followed by a restaurant. The latter turned Cookie’s dream into Cookies Cream.

Since then every Tuesday and Thursday magnetised party nomads, creatives, models, starlets, VIPs - the Berlin scene in general sallies out to Berlin-Mitte, accompanied by international top acts like the Pet Shop Boys or Depeche Mode who randomly surprise the party crowd with ad hoc dj sets.

Over the years, the Cookies has moved six times and found its latest domicile in the antique French Cultural Institute. Apart from long waiting lines in front of legendary bouncers,  uni-sex bathrooms, and the old magnificent lusters from the Palace Hotel, Cookie has always remained true to himself ragarding traditions and the underground image. Today he has advanced to an institutionalised exclusivity of Berlin night life.

Interview with Cookie

The Festival | Cookie is a rather strange name. Where does it come from?

Cookie | It’s my sisters’ fault. They called me Cookie when I was still a baby. I never got rid of it ever since.

The Festival | I got a message the other day on Twitter: “Talking to Cookie in Cookies…”

Cookie | Haha… Yep, that is the brave new world we are living in. Once we had a no photo policy in our club. It seems like light-years away. On the other hand, in this rapidly changing world maybe it’s our sticking to traditions which attracts so many people.

The Festival | We approached you having in mind your impact on Berlin night life and style in the last 15 years. But now we found out about your new fashion venture. Being one of the six lifestyle tracks we focus on at The Festival, of course we are interested. Tell us more about it!

Cookie | Ah, right. You are talking about For a long time I wanted to do some online project. When my good old friend Julian Hildebrandt came to me and asked me, if I wanted to join him launching a fashion oriented platform, I didn’t even have to think twice. TheLabelFinder project is the fruit of an everday problem. Julian wanted to find a fashion brand in Berlin that he had seen in Hamburg. And he couldn’t find it. The Labelfinder solves this problem. You just go there and look up the different stores in your area which offer the brand of your choice.

TheLabelFinder is the only fashion directory on the web whose purpose is to find shops while searching for labels. At this moment, with already more than 7,300 labels and 13,200 shops TheLabelFinder is the fastest growing fashion directory.

The Festival | Sounds great! Is it an international platform?

Cookie | Right now we are busy with covering the complete German market. Once finished, we will expand the database and enter other interesting markets like Italy or Spain. But our European friends coming to The Festival will have a great shopping experience in Berlin…

The Festival | Talking about Europeans… What is your personal view on Europe?

Cookie | I have a British passport and grew up in Germany. I feel European. The next generations to come will have a complete different mind-set. Look at the people coming to Cookies. A complete international crowd, open-minded, cosmopolitan. I think The Festival hits the nerve of our times. Maybe it will be the event that nobody knew he was waiting for!

The Festival | Thank you very much for this interview!

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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