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Opening doors to Europe’s top talent in fashion design

By Florian Mueck • Aug 3rd, 2009 • Category: Fashion Theme, Home Zone Germany, Top News

When the marketing agency IMG had perfectly promoted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of Berlin in 2007 by building a catwalk which led right through Brandenburg Gate, the fashion world was aware of a new prêt-à-porter player. Today, everyone agrees that Berlin has become a synonym for creativity, style and design.

Two early style movers from Berlin, Jan Eißmann and Florian Köhler, anticipated the trend and successfully launched the online shop Styleserver in 2006 - a hip online fashion shop offering the best newcomer fashion and accessories.

Given their product sortiment, Styleserver focuses on 30 to 40 year-old women. Most of their clients buy an article because they really want it, not because it is a “must have”. The majority belongs to the creative sector - fashion, music, TV, art and culture. The sort of people that make Berlin style come to life…

Jan explains that,

When we opened our shop in 2006, we wanted to provide a unique sales opportunity for high quality pieces created by young designers from Berlin. But Berlin has become so international. Quickly we built up relationships with Scandinavian designers, British designers, French designers, basically designers from all over the place. What we offer today is international independent fashion with a European focus.”

“When we were hooked up with the guys of The Festival by a common friend, I looked at their website and thought… OK, I though we were crazy! We feature great talent on our shop and I’m convinced that we will be able to hype several European designers to be part of this great movement”, adds Jan’s partner Florian.

Styleserver is hip, Styleserver is European and Styleserver is Berlin style at its best. They are a great partner for The Festival. First ideas of cooperation include their support of the European Lifestyle Award Fashion and its competition by opening doors to Europe’s top talent in fashion design. Styleserver could also host the young designers’ blog during the competition…

Please choose your favourite designers…

Adam and EveAdddress

Andrea Klüsener

Anna Aichinger

Arena 10

Arena Copenhagen

Awareness and Consciousness

Ayzit Bostan

best behavior

Bibi Ghost

black lily

Catherine Weitzman


David Aubrey

Designers Remix Collection

Elton + Jacobsen

Esther Perbandt


Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair


Frida Weyer

Hartmann Nordenholz

I Heart

Irina Rohpeter

Julia & Ben


Lala Berlin

MajacoMarie Louise Vogt



Presque Fini

Reality Studio


Saskia Diez



Ulrika Sandström



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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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