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Wanted: top models

By Florian Mueck • Jun 17th, 2009 • Category: Fashion Theme, Top News

When it’s happening in July 2012, one of the main attractions of The Festival will be The Catwalk. For 7 days visitors will be right in the first row when international top models walk by.

Behind the scenes, people like Ingo Nolden pull the strings for the world’s leading fashion beauties. Ingo has lived in three different countries for several years; in Germany, France and the US. When he was working for the no. 1 industry leader in model management - IMG in New York, he covered most of the European markets, and endorsed top models like Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss, Bar Refaeli, Karolina Kurkova etc with European top brands.

Since 2006 the passionate fashion player, who considers himself truly European and cosmopolitan, has been running his own show. Based in Berlin, Ingo and his three team members of ICONIC MANAGEMENT manage the engagements of international top models like Bar Rafaeli, Luca Gajdus or upcoming top talents like Chloe Belle.

With the weekly show “Die Talentsucher” (The Talent Scouts) Ingo made his way into German television (Vox) in May 2009.

At The Festival Iconic Management will be the model agency of choice. //

Ingo about The Festival

“I lived in New York for several years. From the American point of view Europe already exists. For example, Europe stands for Paris, culture, great food, beautiful old buildings, decent fashion and Italian style, to name but a few. Being away for a long time you find yourself missing your roots; like sipping on an espresso on a piazza, living in cities with actual city centers, walking from A to B, … I love Europe and we can be very proud of what we have created in the fashion industry in the past. Europe is a design power house with seemingly infinite resources. I am happy to be an active part of this movement. The Festival brings feeling to the European idea. Exciting lifestyle instead of lame political discussions. I am convinced that people across the continent will love it!”

Bar Rafaeli (left), Chloe Belle, Luca Gajdus (below). All pictures courtesy of Iconic Management.

Interview with Ingo Nolden

The Festival | How do you become a model agent?

Ingo | There is no such thing as an apprenticeship to become a model agent. The best decision is to apply for a position as a booking assistant in a large renowned agency. From there you have to clench your teeth and slowly climb up the ladder. It usually takes 3-5 years till you become a rather good agent and know the market.  Toughness,  multitasking, the willingness to learn, extraordinary communication skills, plus a perfect English and/or French are the key selection drivers.

The Festival | What’s so exciting about the fashion world?

Ingo | The fashion industry is unpredictable, vibrant, extremely political, moody, and full of ego - probably more than any other branch. As a model agent at a leading agency you are right in the center because that’s where all the strings come together - all access. That is quite fascinating, but you also have to bear a lot of responsibility, since almost everything you deal with is “privileged & confidential”. You can be in “trouble” fast, if things don’t follow exactly the way they are planned. Actually, this happens quite often… (haha).

The Festival | Do you have a certain motto?

Ingo | Strength of will.

The Festival | What are the prerequisites for the girls to work as a model?

Ingo | Personality, professionalism, mixed with REAL beauty – the recipe for durability! A perfect figure and the right height are treated as a given. Plus the readiness to travel and to face new challenges without fear.

The Festival | Can you give some tips?

Ingo | Open your eyes and listen! Better shut up, when there is nothing to say. If there’s something to say, make sure your agent knows first! Never lose your head nor your heart! Never give up until your agent gives up. And never forget: it is only fashion!

The Festival | You have worked with many top models. Who were the ones you liked most to work with?

Ingo | Sorry, privileged & confidential…

Contact Iconic Management

Iconic Management

Ingo Nolden
Managing Director

DAZ / Entrance B / Third floor
Koepenicker Str. 48-49
10179 Berlin

fon +49 30 24 34  2980

The ICONIC Show Package s/s 2010 is available on:

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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