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Gravitonas, Official Ambassador for Sweden

By Boris Jarosch • Apr 28th, 2010 • Category: Home Zone Sweden, Music Theme, Official Ambassadors, Top News

When a Swedish musical mastermind like Alexander Bard launches a new project, music lovers all across Europe know that high musical quality is guaranteed. Alexander already brought to life successful groups like Army of Lovers, Vacuum, Bodies Without Organs, and Alcazar.

We are so excited to have the first Official Ambassador from Sweden on board. Welcome, Gravitonas!

The name of the new band means “hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravity in the framework of quantum field theory”…… Exactly. But you have to know that Alexander Bard is also a renowned Swedish philosopher. So the name is actually very much Bard. Additionally, in Lithuanian gravitonas means the smallest particle in the universe. Very European, thumbs up!

You can follow Gravitonas (Alexander Bard, Andreas Öhrn, and more to come) on Facebook and on Twitter!

Alexander Bard about The Festival

“I truly believe that this is a project which many have been waiting for without even knowing it. Different people I know approached me telling me about this ‘movement’. That is no coincidence. This project has an engaging spirit because it is pushed forward by idealism. I proposed to The Festival guys to produce a theme song for the movement with Gravitonas. I’m happy to support this project. It is time to meet the other tribe members…”

KITES - The first single

Since April 28 2010 the electro-rock landscape in Europe has a new protagonist: KITES. It’s the first single of Gravitonas. Energetic and uplifting - let’s Kites! You can listen to the song and download the complete album at iTunes or Spotify.

Some opinion about Gravitonas from Scandipop

“For those of you not aware of Gravitonas, it was revealed last year that BWO would be taking a break for a while whilst all three members pursue different projects. And Gravitonas was announced as Alexander Bard’s next musical project. Excitement naturally ensued based on Alexander’s past credentials alone. However, quite a lot his fans were sceptical when it was announced that the band would have a much rockier feel to it than any of his previous musical output. After all, he does synth pop so well, what if we find that his take on rock music just doesn’t appeal as much?

Well thankfully, any concerns that anyone might have had about this are unfounded. The debut single from Gravitonas is as much electro synth as it is rock. But far more important than what genre it belongs to, is the fact that at the heart of it, they’ve got a really great song. It’s called ‘Kites’, and will be released in Sweden at the end of April. It starts off as a haunting atmospheric piano ballad, an electric guitar riff then reveals itself, and then halfway through, a house beat is thrown into the mix. It builds and builds into a crescendo of synth pop rock electro energy that’s subdued just enough so that it doesn’t go into all out dancefloor euphoria.But even more impressive than the music, are the absolute sharp hooks throughout. ‘Kites’ seems to be without a chorus, but it’s not an issue, because each melody used is so catchy and clear. They give the song an irresistable beauty. It’s really quite something.”

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Boris Jarosch is co-founder of The Festival and in charge of Institutional Relations
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