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Nicola Tyszkiewicz supports the European movement

By Florian Mueck • Oct 21st, 2010 • Category: European Thinkers, Home Zone Germany, Home Zone Poland, Music Theme, The Festival Embassy, The Interviews, Top News

© Steven Haberland - Nicola Tyszkiewic with Peter Maffay for Heinz Erhardt Tribute Album 2009

© Steven Haberland - Photo with Peter Maffay for Heinz Erhardt Tribute Album 2009

Her grandfather gave the smile back to a nation. She wants to help give Europe a smile.

We are extremely happy about our latest supporter - Nicola Tyszkiewicz. The granddaughter of Heinz Erhardt found us by coincidence. 30 minutes on the phone later Nicola will help promote The Festival and contribute in multiple ways.

As a welcome gift Nicola gave us this interview…


The Festival // Nicola, great that you contacted us. How did you hear about this European movement?

Nicola // I was looking for new ideas, contacts and festivals for my artists when I stumbled over your website. My first impression was that anyone who launches such a big project with such a long-term preparation and such a robust concept - they must be interesting. That’s why I called.

The Festival // Your family comes from Riga, your children go to a French school. Sounds like a European family…

Nicola // My family descend from Riga. My mother and my grandfather, Heinz Erhardt, were born there. My grandmother’s father was an Italian diplomat. I married a Pole and since Poles have a special relationship with the French, all four daughters attanded the Lycee Francaise Hambourg. This is, by the way, how they could communicate with their family and cousins in Warsaw.

The Festival // Talking about your granddad - how was it like growing up so close to the show biz?

Nicola // At an early stage of my life it taught me how to deal with sensitive people, special timings, other ways of handling stuff, and exceptional ideas. Until his retirement my father was solo cellist at the State Opera of Hamburg. He would never be home at ‘normal’ times. In between he was on tour with James Last or Alfred Hause. He was in Japan 27 times!

The career of my grandfather Heinz Erhardt had indeed a strong influence on our lives. The world was not as connected as today, but probably richer in content. I grew up with journeys, theater perfomances, press meetings, premieres, and photo shootings. It was part of my life to deal with photographers jumping at me from behind the hedge.

The Festival // Are you part of the show biz yourself today?

Nicola // You might say so. I produce a lot. I organize shows, go on tour with artists or run tour productions. For more than five years I headed production management at MTV/VH-1. Doing that, almost automatically, you become part of the show biz.

The Festival // Duncan Townsend is your favorite artist right now. With his European story he should be part of this movement, shouldn’t he?

Nicola // Definitely! Duncan was born in the Emirates and returned to England at the age of 8. In 2005 he stranded in Hamburg where he moves up the shaky ladder of success in this tough business - step by step. I love to tease him comparing his career start with the one of the Beatles. Today, Duncan Townsend is an established musician, singer and composer who performs live a lot. Duncan is a ‘hog in the limelight’ - you will see - it’s a promise!

The Festival // Great, we’ll hook up with him then. Thank you for this interview and welcome to the European movement!

Nicola // Thank you, guys! I love this project and I’ll do my best to support it wherever I can.

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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