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Orchestra Italiana del Cinema supports The Festival

By Boris Jarosch • Sep 1st, 2010 • Category: Home Zone Italy, Music Theme, The Festival Embassy, Top News

What an honor! They reside in the “holy” halls of Italian film music: the Forum Music Village - the historical recording studios founded by the legendary Ennio Morricone. Yes - there must be something special about the recently born Orchestra Italiana del Cinema.

We are honored and humbled that the Orchestra Italiana del Cinema has decided to support The Festival. For us visitors of the event this is a great move. We will hear many well known melodies - Italian movie themes - perfomed by an excellent orchestra.

Manager Paolo Petrocelli about the cooperation

“Luigi Pirandello, the Italian Nobel Prize in Literature, once wrote: ‘I must say, it is music that speaks to us all without a single word, it is music that expresses itself in sound and of which cinematography could become its visual language. There you have it: pure music and pure vision, the two perfect aesthetic senses, sight and sound, unified in one single enjoyment.’

We aim to create and share this unique enjoyment. The Orchestra Italiana del Cinema is an exciting, ambitious project, unique in its genre. Our main artistic purpose is to re-evaluate and bring to light the Italian film score’s cultural heritage by presenting multimedia concert events throughout the world.

Supporting The Festival is a natural fit for us to continue to bring real value to our mission, being part of what we believe will be the most important cultural event in Europe.”

About the OIC

The Italian Film Orchestra is the first non-profit organization and the first and unique symphonic ensemble that is exclusively dedicated to the interpretation and performance of film music.

The care and support of the extraordinary artistic heritage of Italian film scores, which boasts a glorious and prestigious tradition, are the underlying values of this new and ambitious project.

The OIC has united 200 hand-picked musicians from Italy’s best orchestras, a selection which brings together both new talents and seasoned veterans.

The Italian Film Orchestra has directly and indirectly attracted major movie score writers, and has at the heart of its mission important objectives of great cultural and institutional importance:

  • To re-evaluate and to promote the Italian film score’s cultural heritage by means of multimedia concert events throughout Italy and in world’s major cities and artistic sites.
  • To bring back to Italy those film score productions and talented composers that have “emigrated” to eastern European countries offering low cost services.
  • To generate employment and high quality musical training for talented young musicians.
  • To attract foreign productions to Italy.
  • To sustain “Made in Italy” through the vehicle of artistic and cultural excellence.

On June 21st, 2010, OIC made its debut with a prestigious multimedia concert in Piazza del
Campidoglio, called “The Neorealist Sound.” The event took place with the support of the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, saw extensive media coverage and was awarded with both critical and popular acclaim.

The ensemble is now planning an intense recording and concert schedule , principally characterized by the aforementioned multimedia events.


Orchestra Italiana Del Cinema

Paolo Petrocelli

Piazza Euclide, 34
00197 - Rome, Italy

tel +39 06 80.84.259
fax +39 06 80.74.947

petrocelli [at]

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Boris Jarosch is co-founder of The Festival and in charge of Institutional Relations
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