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Catalan roots & European hearts - The Festival Barcelona Promo Site

By Florian Mueck • Dec 6th, 2011 • Category: Top News

It’s time to move on. Since 2006 we only focused on Berlin as the potential first host city of The Festival. But - nothing in life is more constant than change.


Six great reasons for Barcelona

1) Barcelona

Barcelona is a metropolitan city widely loved and admired by people from all over Europe. The weather conditions in June/July are superb for a cultural festival. Football, food, fun - Barcelona speaks for itself.

2) Forum

With the massive Forum right next to the Mediterranean Sea Barcelona offers a unique and fantastic event location.

3) TEDx

On July 7 2010, we had the fantastic opportunity to present this project at TEDx Barcelona. Since then almost 40,000 people have watched the speech on the TEDx channel on YouTube.

Volunteers have translated this talk into 13 languages from Dutch to Russian, from Portuguese to Romanian.

This TEDx presentation continues to be our principal promo tool.

See the TEDx presentation on The Festival…

4) Singulars

On May 30 2011, we could present The Festival on the popular Catalan interview show Singulars. 87,000 people followed the program live. Our Facebook fan number went up by 33% in just one day. Local people wrote many extremely uplifting comments. When the host of the show, Jaume Barberà, said, “Estic convençut,” wow, that was great!

See the Singulars show dedicated to The Festival…

5) The Festival. One Day, One Europe

On July 24 2011, we went offline for the first time. Around 80 Europe lovers gathered at the beach of Barcelona. We will repeat this event in summer 2012 in Barcelona and Berlin on the same day. Plato says, the most difficult part of a task is the beginning. We have started.

Read more about this most European beach day…

6) Passionate social entrepreneurs

A number of highly motivated social entrepreneurs from Barcelona have joined the project. Social entrepreneurs with strong Catalan roots and big European hearts. This will enable us to access the right people in the right local institutions.


Next steps

In the months to come we will promote The Festival project among important institutions in Barcelona. Follow the progess on!

Thank you so much for your support

Europe needs you more than ever!

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Florian Mueck is European, initiator and co-founder of The Festival: "Passion for Europe maybe does not exist in the media. But it does exist in many hearts of many people."
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